3 Big Reasons To Get Serious About Children’s Rain Gear

Rain gear for kids has traditionally consisted of a basic rain jacket that has been shrunk down to a kid’s scale. They’re often bright yellow, less expensive, but also less engineered than the well designed outdoor rain gear for adults. In other words, kids have taken whatever smaller rain gear they could get.

3 Big Reasons To Get Serious About Children’s Rain Gear

Children's Rain Gear

In recent years the spectrum of styles and colors for children’s rain gear has come a long way. This is partly due to the increased demand for more activity-specific clothing: cycling, mountain biking, hiking and boating wear. The other factor in better children’s rain gear is cost; what used to be a major clothing investment is now costing consumers less, while still getting a durable product. Buying and then replacing expensive rain gear every few years, as your kid continues to grow, just isn’t in the budget for most people. However, over the last handful of years, prices have steadily started declining while still managing to make high-quality products.

If you live in a climate where rain is a factor, or where winter produces a seemingly endless amount of moisture, mist, sleet, hail, freezing rain, snow, etc—children’s rain gear now offers several great options. First, for more hardcore environments, kids can take advantage of a hooded rain jacket paired with rain pants. This gear is so easy to put on and take off, even younger children adapt quickly.

Children’s Rain Gear: Jackets

Kid's Rain GearBelieve it or not, for about $40 you can find a high-quality, hooded rain jacket for kids that comes in breathable fabric, has several pockets, and folds up nicely for transport. Versatile, all-purpose, modern rain jackets can now be found in the $40 range, so when they get too small and it’s time for that next purchase, you aren’t breaking the bank every time.

So, pass right by those old-fashioned bright yellow rain jackets, and go seek out something with more rainproofing and more style. The Red Ledge Thunderlight Jacket may look simple on the surface, but it has extras that make for a fully waterproof experience, like taped-seams and a cinchable hood. With high collars and dual, taped pockets (three pockets on the pricier version), this wonder of rain-resistant technology will be a hit with even the pickiest kid fashionista.

Children’s Rain Gear: Pants

Rain pants require a bit more research because they range from simple elastic waist varieties that run about $20, to more sophisticated types with legs that unzip. In some cases, rain pants for smaller adults in XS can also work for kids, since the selection of children’s rain gear in this category is more limited. We recommend these affordable kids rain pants that are perfect for rain-soaked days, wet fishing trips, or even some snowy conditions.


Children’s Rain Gear: Shoes

Children’s rain gear remains a little behind the times when it comes to footwear. Although, it’s tough to improve on galoshes; they’re purpose-built rainproof “boots” that easily slip-on over your shoes. You don’t have to shell out big bucks these days for a quality rain slicker and/or set of boots, which together should be plenty of water-protection for most kids. But if you live in a climate where the rain never ceases, rain pants could be a consideration for kids hoofing it to school—especially if they’re always playing outdoors. Because if you ask them, getting drenched is all part of the fun!

Children's Rain Boots