The Best Rain Gear for Fishing

Fishing rain gear generally doesn’t stray too far from other outdoor rain gear. It usually boils down to jackets and pants. However, there are some specialized features to look for if usability and versatility is your aim. The best rain gear for fishing is lightweight, breathable, quick dry and includes multiple pockets for storage.

The Best Rain Gear For Fishing

If you’re really serious about your rain gear, you should also look for zipper toggles so that everything can be removed one-handed. This is an awesome feature to have as a fisherman, because you usually have at least one hand full or covered in something that you’d rather not transfer to your clothes. 

We recommend choosing rain pants and a durable and versatile jacket as the basic gear for fishing. Many anglers don’t consider rain pants, but with newer technology, upgraded fabrics and reasonable pricing, this commonly omitted item is now well within reach. Pairing the best fitting rain pants and jacket can keep you dry through intense storms or day long mists.

The more pockets the better, and you can find the best rain gear for fishing by purchasing all around rain gear. For under $100, high quality gear will include zipper extenders that make opening and closing pockets easy, even with one hand. 

High quality rain pants make the best rain gear for fishing because they are easy to slip on and just as easy to remove. Rain pants with articulated knees allow for better movement when climbing, kneeling or stooping and are the outdoorsman’s (and outdoorswoman’s) choice for fishing or hunting. Another great feature in modern rain pants are the quick full side zips. This innovation is a definite plus in any pair of rain pants used for fishing, hunting or other intensive outdoor adventures.

It pays to move up a level and spend a little more for rain pants used on multi-day trips. The full zip option with a snap waist makes for a more secure fit than a simple elastic waistband. The feature to look for that really makes rain pants stand out from the crowd are covered and taped zipper seems, giving 100% water resistance and keeping anglers completely dry, even in downpours.

In addition to investing in rain pants, a rain jacket that covers the rest of you without weighing you down is available from several outfitters. Anglers benefit most from jackets that are simple and utilitarian, yet have great build quality and are fanatically focused on repeling every last drop of water.

The Best Affordable Rain Jacket

Best rain gear for fishing

We like the affordable and feature-rich Thunderlight Jacket for both men and women, from Red Ledge. It weighs less than a pound and is breathable, which makes for the ideal rain jacket experience. With consistently high ratings, this unisex jacket covers all the bases and is extremely affordable.

The Thunderlight, and others like it in its class (it comes in at less than $55) truly redefines the old school “waterproof” windbreaker. This jacket has the option of stowing or packing into a pocket or stuff sack, and includes a full-functioning, cinchable hood. Additionally, it has two large front pockets covered by taped seams, adjustable cuffs, plus venting in the rear and back of the jacket.