Women's Fishing Clothing That's Tough Enough To Last

It can be difficult for women to find fishing gear that fits well, because it is a male-dominated  sport. Female anglers crave garments that fit and will serve double (or triple) duty for other outdoors pursuits. We recommend starting with this beginner’s guide to fabulous fishing fashion.

Women's Fishing Clothing That's Tough Enough To Last

Outdoor gear has improved by leaps and bounds in the last two decades, thanks to improved design and new technology. Fabrics are now created with both natural and synthetic textiles to optimize toughness, UV protection, flexibility, and breathability. 


For UV protection while casting your rod, longer sleeves always give better coverage. Women’s fishing clothing is best when the sleeves can be adjusted in order to optimize the UV protection, but also to also stay cool. Columbia is a popular brand and designs clothes that offer flexible, micro-fiber UV protection in their shirts, along with venting, dual-pockets, UPF 30, roll-up sleeves—all in a quick dry fabric. Their Super-Lo Drag long sleeved version offers 40 UPF, comes in quick dry and wicking material, includes roll-up sleeves, and even comes with a rod holder. This shirt is vented and includes a button down, sun protection collar.

Similar features in shirts come from major brands, but at the top of the pile is the Sol Survivor found at Duluth Trading Company. This shirt offers a roomy button up color, boasts 50 UPG, and comes with some features you’ll not want to live without once you’ve tried them. First, the 11% spandex offers just enough give, while the underarm gussets provide great freedom of movement for casting and spinning.

Duluth makes high-quality women’s fishing  clothing as well. They have snap tabs throughout, roll up sleeves and two small side pockets, for a total of four pockets. Like many Duluth products, it comes in a range of sizes including petite and plus. 


Women’s fishing pants are best if they are quick dry and flexible. Lightweight fabrics that dry quickly is standard these days, and the best variety come with multiple pockets, cargo-style. Women’s DuluthFlex pants are tough, flexible and do triple duty for gardening, camping and fishing. They can be ordered in a variety of colors, and have the 8-oz firehose Duluth fabric guarantee.

Any fishing pants should have two or more pockets, a little give, and the ability to quick dry. Beware of slacks that feel comfortable with quick dry and UV features but lack durability. Extras such as stain repellant, cuffs and utility loops add to durability and usability.

Some anglers prefer pants with zip-off legs to convert into shorts. If this is your style, both Columbia and Duluth make good options. Patagonia sells pants with excellent zipper quality, making on-off zipping a breeze. This brand is ideal for slimmer women and includes quick dry fabric in a 3-pocket design.

Outfitters like REI also offer a nice selection of all-purpose outdoor pants, and include features such as petit sizes, color options, and conversion-to-shorts.

Protective Gear

Also imperative for fishing are waders, hats, and rain gear. As usual, the challenge for female anglers is finding gear in the right sizes. Waders and hats aren’t an issue, as these can be purchased in smaller sizes, but rain gear can be bulky and awkward if too large – and much of it is sized large. 

In addition, rain gear has evolved to now include a wide range of excellent rain pants.

We recommend, a Red Ledge rain jacket and rain pants. Rather than carry a large rain slicker, a streamlined jacket with removable hood is plenty because rain pants cover the rest of you. Ideal pants are made with zippered (or snapped) legs for quick removal, are breathable and most are ultra-light weight. Rain pants will extend your time outdoors, and when paired with the right jacket, will keep you warm and dry for hours.


We recommend Bass Pro Shops as a place to start, as they offer some women’s styles and include a decent array of small to large.