See the Coast from "The Deadliest Catch" at Yaquina Bay, Oregon

A view of Yaquina Bay lighthouse on the Oregon Coast.
Yaquina Bay is a fisherman’s paradise, so it’s no coincidence that “The Deadliest Catch” crew regularly cruised the deep water nearby, proudly spor...

Poncho vs. Rain Jacket: What's the Best Way to Stay Dry on the Trail?

A hiker in a rain jacket overlooks a mountain vista.
The poncho vs. rain jacket debate has been going on for quite some time, and trail-runners, hikers, backpackers, and fisherman all have a stake in ...

9 Reasons to Bring Full Zip Rain Pants on Your Next Hike

A rain-drenched hiker in full zip rain pants and a rain jacket makes his way through the mountains.
Full zip rain pants are a considerable piece of gear that will transform your ability to stay dry outside. Traditionally, this is a gear accessory ...